September Books

I read a lot this month, while somehow managing to stay on top of my school work.  I have quite a bit of free time, and I'm relishing it as much as possible before I succumb to the necessity to get a job.  I have a stack of books sitting above my desk, and they're…Read more September Books


The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 10)

In this final section of the book, the lovers are married, Marius discovered who saved his life, and a wonderful, good, gentle soul enters Heaven. There are things we should not attempt to paint; the sun is among them. (p. 1343) We are pitiless toward happy lovers; we stay there when they have the greatest…Read more The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 10)

The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 9)

In this part of the story, the Friends of the ABC Cafè are killed, Marius is saved, and Javert commits suicide. It sometimes happens that, even against principles, even against liberty, equality, and fraternity, even against universal suffrage, even against the government of all by all, from the depths of its anguish, of its discouragements, its privations, its…Read more The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 9)